API's about block data


Returns an object containing various state info.

Parameters * none


version the node version

protocol_version the protocol version

net_type The type of network environment the node is running on

proxy Node proxy address: port

public_ip Get the external ip address of the node.

conf_dir Directory path to the configuration file

data_dir Directory path for block data

block_interval Block time interval

genblock Whether to produce blocks

time_offset Current node time offset, unit: s

WICC_balance balance of WICC

WUSD_balance balance of WUSD

WGRT_balance balance of WGRT

relay_fee_perkb Recurring transaction fee / KB threshold

tipblock_tx_count the deal nums for the latest block in the node

tipblock_fuel_rate Fuel rate for the latest block in the node

tipblock_fuel Fuel cost of the latest block in the node

tipblock_time The block timestamp of the latest block in the node

tipblock_hash The hash value of the latest block in the node

tipblock_height The height of the latest block in the node

syncblock_height The latest block height of the whole network

finblock_height The height of the confirmed block

finblock_hash The hex of the confirmed block

connections The number of bidirectional connections of the current node network,

errors Node operation error, warning message

state The synchronous state of the current chain

Loading:    In import
ReIndexing: Reindexing in progress
IBD:        The status of initial block download
InSync:     Synchronized to the latest block


// Request
> coind getinfo. 

// Response
    "version" : "v3.0.0.1-79fe51df-release-linux (2020-07-09 11:10:35 +0800)",
    "protocol_version" : 10001,
    "net_type" : "REGTEST_NET",
    "proxy" : "",
    "public_ip" : "",
    "conf_dir" : "/root/.WaykiChain/WaykiChain.conf",
    "data_dir" : "/root/.WaykiChain/regtest",
    "block_interval" : 10,
    "genblock" : 1,
    "time_offset" : 0,
    "WICC_balance" : 0,
    "WUSD_balance" : 0,
    "WGRT_balance" : 0,
    "relay_fee_perkb" : 1000,
    "tipblock_tx_count" : 3,
    "tipblock_fuel_rate" : 100,
    "tipblock_fuel" : 0,
    "tipblock_time" : 1504305600,
    "tipblock_hash" : "ab8d8b1d11784098108df399b247a0b80049de26af1b9c775d550228351c768d",
    "tipblock_height" : 0,
    "synblock_height" : 0,
    "finblock_height" : 0,
    "finblock_hash" : "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
    "connections" : 0,
    "errors" : "",
    "state" : "InSync"

How to judge whether the finalize is in block chain

1. Find confirmed_height(H1) by using coind gettxdetail $txid
2. Find finblock_height(H2) by using coind getinfo
3. If H1 <= H2, it certify finalize is in block chain


Get the number of blocks in the current node




result the number of blocks in the current node


// Request
curl -u Waykichain:admin -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"curltext","method":"getblockcount"}' -H 'content-type:application/json;'

// Response
  "error": null,
  "id": "curltext"


Get block information about the block with the given hash orindex.


height/hash block height/block hash


curr_block_hash The hash of the cur block

prev_block_hash The hash of th parent block

next_block_hash The hash of the next block

bp_uid The user ID of the producer

version The block version

merkle_root The merkle root

total_fuel_fee the total fee of fuel

confirmations block confirmations

size The block size, unit is byte

height The block height or index

tx_count The transaction number

tx The transaction id

time The block time in seconds since epoch (Jan 1 1970 GMT)

nonce The nonce

median_price Median price list for stable currency system feed

`coin_symbol` currency symbol 
`price_symbol` on the standard currency 
`price` currency

receipts Block receipt list


// Request
curl -u Waykichain:admin -d '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "getblock", "params": [1000] }' -H 'content-type:application/json;'

// Response
    "curr_block_hash" : "5131e0510471018ef47b964f8775e7003a1067460ecf5e8920aaf6368d756130",
    "prev_block_hash" : "76e2c2a13c29af6cee3f678575924d6db672f0ea97f658911ba0ac7a7c8a1f17",
    "next_block_hash" : "5e9b615ab64bd5fa6963aedb1191f7999cdfd5886a50605bbb865fb5a27d2f61",
    "bp_uid" : "0-10",
    "version" : 1,
    "merkle_root" : "0b007a8efceef83b4e4de68b1e7bc50dceb5652ecbf894f520e9121a440ee8aa",
    "total_fuel_fee" : 0,
    "confirmations" : 13,
    "size" : 203,
    "height" : 98,
    "tx_count" : 2,
    "tx" : [
    "time" : 1593864322,
    "nonce" : 101,
    "median_price" : [
    "receipts" : [