upgrade guide

$WaykichainDockerName means name of container
Take the main network for example:

1. stop container

1.operator in your container

coind stop

2.operator in your IDE

docker exec -it $WaykichainDockerName coind stop

2. remove container

docker rm $WaykichainDockerName

3. delete local data(you can ignored this step, if there is no large change in version.)

For example

you can ignored where version from v3.0.0 to v3.0.1
you should performed this step where version from v2.0 to v3.0

1.finding the localtion of local data

finding startup script, run-waykicoind-main.sh

cat run-waykicoind-main.sh

docker run --name waykicoind-mainnet -p 8920:8920 -p 6968:6968 \
  -v `pwd`/conf/WaykiChain.conf:/root/.WaykiChain/WaykiChain.conf \
  -v `pwd`/data:/root/.WaykiChain/main \
  -v `pwd`/bin:/opt/wicc \
  -v `pwd`/lua:/tmp/lua \
  -v `pwd`/wasm:/tmp/wasm \
  -d wicc/waykicoind

as shown, the localtion of data is pwd/data

ll data

-rw-------   1 hpy  staff     0B  7 13 09:32 ERROR.log
-rw-------   1 hpy  staff     0B  7 13 09:32 INFO.log
drwx------  20 hpy  staff   640B  7 20 15:57 blocks
drwx------   3 hpy  staff    96B  7 20 16:50 database
-rw-------   1 hpy  staff     0B  7 13 09:32 db.log
-rw-------   1 hpy  staff     0B  7 20 15:57 dberr.log
-rw-------   1 hpy  staff     0B  7 13 09:32 debug.log
-rw-------   1 hpy  staff   1.1K  7 20 18:20 peers.dat
-rw-------   1 hpy  staff    16K  7 20 16:50 wallet.dat
-rw-------   1 hpy  staff    36K  7 13 14:02 wallet.dat.bak

blocks : need delete directory file.

2.delete data

rm -rf data/blocks

3.if your had download WaykiChain Binary Releases,you should decompressing files, and Place in the data file

path: pwd/data/blocks

4. pull from DockerHub

show the existinf images

docker images

REPOSITORY               TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
wicc/waykicoind          3.2                42dc5f320fdb        5 hours ago         966MB

delete old images

docker rmi $oldImagesName

pull the new images

docker pull wicc/waykicoind:3.2

5. start container

Enter the directory WaykiChain_mainnet.

sh bin/run-waykicoind-main.sh

6. Check the result of the upgrade

coind getinfo

"version" : "v3.2.0.1-78dc7178-release-linux (2020-08-04 18:52:02 +0800)",

if the data is 07-17, it show successful. if appear error: couldn't connect to server... pls wait for a while or check "rpcserver=1" setting.
it means local data is Loading, in the software startup, please wait patiently

attention:it's not allowed to interact until 6 minutes after main network is up